Michelle and Mandy wanted to take a moment to spotlight and thank the Raven Team for all their hard work in making Raven web possible.

Raven’s Web/Blog Team:

Brendan Roth

Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) graduate with a bachelor’s in computer science with working knowledge in Java, C, C++, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, R, debugging, computer security, robotics, application development, game development, algorithm development, and data science. Entered the University of Mississippi on an academic scholarship. Graduated one year early from high school.

Andrew Roth

Will graduate in 2023 from Ole Miss (University of Mississippi).

Collin Roth

Collin Roth is an undergraduate student at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) majoring in the Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Math. Collin has aspirations of becoming a software engineer and one day developing his own game. Collin enjoys gaming and programming. Also, he’s pretty sure a demon is living in his closet.

Matt Buckingham


Matt Buckingham is an undergraduate student at The University of Michigan currently majoring in Computer Science Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering, as well as completing the Program in Entrepreneurship. Matt intends to work for a major company in the Technology Market while developing ideas in order to breakaway and start his own business. In the mean time he’s employed by the two, lovely ladies, Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow.